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Race through the ferns during the Trans-Sylvania Epic.



May-June 2016. Be here.


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THE 2016 International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Multi-Friggin-Verse (IIGO Mountain Bike Relay), in Marysville, PA. www.firespirephotography.com

Bangin’ Lids – The International Intergalactic Global Open WTF!

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Nothing renews friendships blurred by a winter of solitude and too many Klondikes and revives bodies, long melded to crusty popcorn littered upholstery, from unending Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Walking Dead marathons, contorted into a bizarre mashup of Claire Underwood swinging katana blades…


Banging Trashcan Lids – Rattling Around or Hoveround?

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Bangin’ Trashcan Lids – Jabberin’ about Rattlin’ Rattling Creek. If you’ve not ridden there you need to soon. It is a beauty. I put it up there with RB Winter, Tussey Ridge and Sawtooth near Worlds End State Park as some of the best classic…

Barry Wicks relaxes before the beginning of Stage 2

Banging Trashcan Lids. TSEpic V7.0

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We’re rollin’ out some new stuff on the OEO blog this year. Bangin’ Trashcan Lids is nothing more than Kuhndog chitter-chatter’n about something or other. It may be race stuff. It may not. I will likely be long winded with poor grammar and run-ons. This…

Jorge Munoz Jr. (Colt Training Systems) whips the road gap finish at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic.

The Jan Plan

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Booooooom Baby!!! It’s freakin’ 2016. I hope you killed it through the holidays and are excited for this year. I am, maybe more so than I have been since we launched the first Trans-Sylvania Epic. A new look to TSEpic, the second year of Iron Cross…