2012 Epic Team Competition starts with Bicycling Mag on top

By May 27, 2012Blog, Race News

Report by Rob Lictenwalner, Misfits Epic Team

The first stage of the 2012 stans No-tubes transylvania mountain bike epic was a blast.  Deciding to be part of a team  in the epic category was definitely a good choice.  The epic category is a team including  2-5 riders that start together but unlike the duo category, do not have to stay together.  The timing goes off of the fastest finish time.

The first part of the course went through the camp and had some hairpin turns to drift and a couple tricky spots to navigate. Next was some fast gravel roads and a fun section of trail built for enduro bikes .  i was personally wishing i had a motor at that point .

With the 100% humidity , climbing out of there was a toughy.  Next was some fast flowy single track.  i wanted to give our team , the Misfits, a good start to the week so trying to stay smooth through the fun stuff and not to crash.  In the end the misfits started the week at third place and everyone had a blast.  pretty sure we can take first prize in the cafeteria tonight for food consumed.  At least we will be fueled up for stage 2 with 42.5 miles and 5300′ of climbing.  Yikes !!!

The stage was taken by Bicycling Magazine’s Epic Team racer, Mike Yozell and his effort put Bicycling into the GC lead going into tomorrow’s stage.

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