Welcome to the home of the OEO.

The goals of the OEO are creating and enhancing multi-use trail network and opportunities throughout the state of PA and further leveraging these trails and networks in ways that will contribute to local community wellness and economic development.

We founded the OEO in conjunction with the launch of the Trans-Sylvania Epic, a 7 day mountain bike race experience based in central PA in and around State College, PA.  Trans-Sylvania currently forms the backbone of our fund raising efforts until we expand with new endeavors currently in planning.

Our goal is that OEO will play a formative role in creating more and better trails through both “boots on the ground” efforts and by contributing financial and in-kind support to clubs throughout the state who are engaged in creating well built multi-use trails.

The Outdoor Experience Organization was created by TSE race directors Mike Kuhn and Ray Adams.

A bit on the duo-

Mike Kuhn has been an important presence on the East Coast cycling scene for a long time. His race promoting career started way back in college, running the successful Bucknell Rocktober Mountain Bike Challenge at RB Winter State Park. Before long, he had a number of successful events under his belt at this and other venues in Central PA. Several of these have developed into events which draw international competitors and huge exposure. Particularly noteworthy are: Iron Cross, America’s Longest Cyclocross Race The visitPA.com Stage Race and Fesival Weekend, The Rattlin 50 Mountain Bike Marathon, and The International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay. Having competed across the country on the road bike for a few years and putting in a gig as an xc racer, Mike has more recently focused on ultra endurance mountain bike racing and, as a career, coaching endurance athletes for their athletic endeavors. If you are wondering about the characteristics of a particular race course or how to prepare for your next XC or 100 miler (or road race or tri for that matter), Mike has the answers. Currently residing in Bethlehem, PA, Mike is married to former XC Pro racer, Kristine (Oesterling) Kuhn. Mike has made event promotion a family affair and it is likely that you’ll not only meet Kris and the newest additions to their clan, Braden and Ryan, but also Mike’s folks, Larry and Jean, who have been part of almost every event Mike’s ever pulled together. A big picture kinda fella, Mike paints in broad brush strokes and throws lots of ideas at the wall hoping something will stick – he needs this guy to make sure I’s are crossed and T’s are dotted. This is where partner-in-crime Ray Adams comes in.

Ray has been a presence in the Mid-Atlantic for years as well. Having partnered with Mike to establish the visitPA.com Mountain Bike Racing Team as well as the PAValleys.com Racing Team, Ray is known for pursuing challenging goals both on and off the bike. In addition, he has logged thousands of miles touring North America by bicycle and winning numerous regional contests as a mountain bike “pro” before settling down in Harrisburg. His proudest accomplishment and career highlight was besting State College local Ryan Leech for the 1995 Mid Atlantic Super Series Championship in the Expert Junior Category. More recently, Ray and Ryan partnered for a podium finish at Trans-Rockies up north. Keeping the family theme going, Ray’s wife Nancy is a key part of the TSEpic race staff as are Ray’s mom and pop. It is likely you’ll find them all out and about at Trans-Sylvania giving you a helping hand somewhere along the way.

Ray and Mike wrapping up TSE 2010