THE International Intergalactic Global Open Cyclocross Team Relay Championship of the Multi-Friggin-Verse!

Sunday, August 27, 2017
The final day of the Dirty Dirty Weekend!

FULL WEEKEND SCHEDULE IS HERE for event times and associated events

That’s right, the friggin’ Multiverse Championship!  All of ’em. The one where all the superheros are the bad guys and the villians are the good guys. The one where there are only two dimensions. The one where there are 12 dimensions. That one where dinosaurs are still alive. The one where all the Grimm fairy tales are historical events. Even that one where there are all those green numbers and the dude from Bill and Ted’s is all kung fooey. You could be the champ of all of those.



“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

Teams of 1-4 riders
4 Hours of short laps
1 Category
1 Team Cup
Handicapping to level the field
Everyone racing everyone
One Champion Only



The IIGOX Relay is part of a weekend of great events featuring the Championships and Final Awards for the MASS XC and Endurance Race Series on Saturday and the Light It Up TTT on Friday night. Cross categories exist across all three days as the trails at the farm are great for ‘cross rigs too! Or bring both your rigs and do a little of both!

It’s a kick ass way to start the cross season, the short hard lap efforts are superb race training, and it’s almost too much fun.

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