General Information

Teams of 1-4 riders
4 Hours
1 Category
1 Team Cup

Everyone is given a points handicap at the start of the race. We tally the team’s handicap points to determine your start value. Each lap is worth points. We add up the points your team earns by completing each lap. Your start points and lap points are added together to determine the winner.

Or I make it up if the math gets too hard.

The handicapping makes it possible for literally any team to win – from the fastest Elites to a crew of four Cat 4s to a team a Jrs – we have no idea who wins until the points are tabulated. What we do know is that everyone always has a kick ass time.

The Champions will take home the Multi-Verse Open Team Cup, a perpetual trophy that will be passed from winning team to winning team each year. It is a big ass cup so it should probably be filled with a beverage and finished off/poured all over some peeps too.

Racing Tips

– Costumes are encouraged and we’ll give the best team theme a prize.
– Heckling is encouraged.
– Beering up your race announcers may get you prize too.
– Primes if we can figure out who is leading what lap when.
– Prizes will be good. IDK what yet, but they’ll be good. Past top awards have included pairs of NoTubes rims or Lupine headlamps for the winning team and equally sweet prizes for the rest of the podium.
– Someone gets The Cup for the year.



The course will feature — hell we don’t know — we’ll make it up as we go. There will be a lot of grass roads and some fields and a bit of singletrack that you can totally rip on a cross bike – you won’t be crying about this being singletrack, you’ll be loving it! Punch it and have some fun!

And there could be obstacles unlike what you’ve seen at other ‘cross races.  I don’t even know what UCI means. It is all Frenchy or something and in the immortal words of my personal hero Ricky Bobby, “We? No, we are not French. We’re American, because you’re in America, okay? Greatest country on the planet.”
Shake and Bake.

This is a killer early season ‘cross race disguised as a party disguised as a VO2 interval workout disguised as a way for me to get RICH! Now to figure out a roady version!!! (Cue maniacal laugh)

And an Freakin’ Slip-n-slide!!




Does this freakin’ work??

Past winners include:

1936 – Big E and the New Deal
1961 – Ir a la Playa Giron!
1986 – Olly, Ronny, Casper and a 5th
2008 – (4 elite men)
2009 – Whiskey Springs Devo Team (4 beginner Jrs!)
2010 – MudHoneys (3 expert women, 1 sport woman)
2011 – Whiskey Springs Jrs – (All Beginner Kids!)
2015 – MountainSide (2 men, 2 women)

Some other people have won, but I don’t feel like updating it here. And yes, the remainder of podium filled out with sports, beginners and masters and combos of all in various teams.

If you still don’t think you can win it or if you are more concerned about drinking some brews than going hard then dress up and get yourselves the costume prize.

Or just enjoy some brews.

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