Some IIGOX Relay specific rules you need to know:

These are the basics –

  • EVERYONE on the team must use the same TEAM Name. Whatever your Team name is for the day – and this can be whatever you want it to be – it has to be the same for all team members.

Please do not use the same team name as another team. In other words, if there are 4 teams coming from your club please make sure that all four teams have a different name for the event. This can be as simple as adding a “1” “2” or “3” to the end of each team’s name or getting all creative and stuff.

This event is meant to be a good time and fun way to kick off the cross season. The handicapping is meant to level the playing field and keep everyone competitive until the end of the event. Don’t get it? Think of playing a game of B-ball and spotting me 8 points in a one-on-one game to 10. Basically same idea. The Fast get NO points. The Not-So-Fast get LOTS of points. Each lap is worth points. Most points at the end wins THE Open Relay Cup for the year.

We could debate for hours about the points I’ve allocated the categories, but we’re not going to so continue to keep it to yourself; complain about it on facebook; or post something anonymously on a forum. It’s working pretty dang well so far and it’s all about fun and kicking the season off right! So, tuck your head between your legs, grab your ankles, and kiss your butt goodbye – here we freakin’ go.

1. No team member may complete more than +/-1 lap than any other team member. If any rider is more than 1 lap behind the rest of the team at the end of the event then the team will be penalized 1 lap per occurrence. If you stay in your reg order this can not happen. (Obviously this doesn’t apply to solo riders)  Injuries will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis.

2. Teams do not need to consist of members from the same USAC or otherwise registered team and all teams will be eligible for the prize list.

3. All teams are eligible for the Team Championship Cup which will be engraved with the winning team’s name and members and passed on from year to year as a perpetual trophy.

4. Teams must send their riders in the registration order. Deviation from the reg order will result in a one-lap penalty.

5. Every team must consist of one, two, three, or four members.

6. Teams may start their last rider up until the clock hits 4:00:00 after the start. As long as the previous rider crosses the transition line at 3:59:59 (elapsed time) the next team member in registration order may race a final lap.

7. Don’t litter. If you’re caught littering then your team will be disqualified. Yes, the top of a gel packet counts as littering. Laps are short. If you need food during your time out on the course you might as well take a picnic basket and set up a blanket by the pond. You don’t need to take anything to litter the trails with you. If you think paying a couple bucks means you’ve some sort of right to throw trash all over the property just stay home.

8. The littering law extends to the pits and rest of the venue not just the trails. Pack out what you packed in. Again, this is private property and they let us run all over the joint a couple times a year. Want to screw if up for everyone? Leave a pile of trash at your pit site after you leave…that’ll make my in laws happy to have us back time and time again. This includes cases of beer, broken camping chairs, and dang well every little piece of anything you bring with you. Most of you are fantastic guests and very considerate of the property. Don’t be a jerk, clean up after yourself (friends don’t let friends be jerks either). If there are piles of trash left after the race at any site we will disqualify that team from the race.

9. Don’t bug the results people while they are working during the race or after the race while they are tabulating the final results. If you’re being a pain in the backside to the results people then you’ll be beaten and publicly humiliated and your team will be docked a lap.

10. I’m in charge.

11. Don’t get naked. There are small children around. We don’t need them getting scared or spreading stories of hairy mini-sasquatches running around the farm.

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