XC and Endurance Courses

along the creek

A rolling, twisty relatively smooth course awaits. If you’ve been here for the IIGOMTB or IIGOX Relays you’ll find a similar, but expanded loop of trails on the beautiful Oesterling Farm. If you’ve been around long enough to remember to XC’s and relays from a few year’s back you’re in for more of that same fun!

Those extra miles in the XC and Endurance events bring the challenge too as they rack up the elevation, especially over the last 1/3 to 1/4 of the loop.

You won’t see much in the way of rocks out there, but we do love us our logs! Hope you do too!

As we’re getting ready to host the kick off the PA Interscholastic Cycling League here at the farm and I’ve a couple youngins of my own out on the trails you’ll definitely find some go-rounds out there. Or maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age? (Well, I’m definitely getting soft, at least literally anyway.)

Here’s the deal though — I don’t come to your trails and drop logs on them for me; do not move my logs or create go rounds on your own. We don’t take kindly to that around these here parts. Plus, if you’d like to learn how to hop ’em better c’mon out to a Wednesday evening ride sometime and we’ll be happy to demonstrate how to crash on them — just do the opposite of what we do and you’ll be fine! (Or, seriously, we could probably help.)

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There’s a bit of work to do — if you love cutting brush c’mon by!* — but we’re targeting a 7-8 mile lap distance at minimum. And, if the neighbors are super cool it might get even a bit longer. You can figure on something in the realm of 900-1000 feet of gain per lap, but no climbs over about 100-150 feet of gain at any one time with three pretty steep, but short, ones.  Check back, we’ll get some course vids up as we get closer to this fun weekend.


TTT and IIGO Relay Courses


While these will not be the same courses at all, what we plan is that they will probably have similar characteristics. They’ll be a little shorter in length and will avoid the rolling hills section in the last 1/3 of the XC course that jumps elevation numbers quickly.

The IIGOX course is a real crowd pleaser with a pretty chill elevation gain and then a long, fun, twisting and never very steep descent for over 1 mile. This course is just a damn hoot! And we totally have a slip-n-slide in the middle of it.

The TTT isn’t sorted quite yet (we’re posting this almost 9 months in advance of
the weekend, just in case we don’t get back here…) but will be similar to the IIGOX course and may run close the same just route but in reverse. And no slip-n-slide.


Downhill Dual Slalom Tricycle Course

Just bring a helmet.



*Seriously, we could use help. Stay tuned to our feeds for some upcoming work days or give us a shout!

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