Let’s Get Dirty

August 26-28, 2016 

Cyclocross and MTB options coming at you all weekend long!


Friday – LUPINE Light It Up TTT

TT. Solo. $15 pre-reg. Everyone in for the goods. Recognition for fastest somethings.
2-3 mile course.
Kick your weekend off right.
3:00PM – Farm opens for camping
6:00PM – Kid’s Fun Rides on Farm!
6:00PM – On-site reg opens
7:30-8:00PM – First start (note, awards for TT will occur on Saturday with XC/Endurance)


Saturday – MASS XC and Endurance Finals and Finals Party

Pre-reg now
8:30AM – On-site Reg opens
10:00AM – Cat 1 and Endurance Races (4hrs) Start
11:00AM – Kid’s Farm Activities — check w/ reg for day’s schedule
12:00PM – On-site Reg CLOSES
12:30PM – Cat 2 Races
2:00PM – Cat 3, Cyclocross and Classic Bike races
4:00PM – Kid’s races (various distances, sign up day of)
4:30PM – XC and Endurance Awards – all categories, must be present for awards
5:30PM – Finals Championships Awarded
6:00PM – Pond Jumping? Murffy Tossing? Slow Downhill?
7:00PM – Downhill Dual Slalom Tricycle Racing?
8:00PM – BAND by Lupine
We’ll just keep it rolling baby – on-site camping all weekend long!



Sunday – IIGOX Relay
#KickOffCross #KeepCrossFun #KeepCrossWeird (we’re on it)

Handicapped so everyone races everyone and anyone can win!
A super fun course on ‘cross bikes.
Mountain bikes are welcome too!
Costumes encouraged and awarded.
A freakin’ slip-n-slide!
Pre-reg today!
9:00 AM On-site reg opens
10:30AM Relay Start (4 hrs, last rider starts up to 2:30, short, fast, super fun laps!)
2:45PM Kids Race
3:00PM Biathlon (BYO.22!)

The perfect cap to your weekend of Awesome!


PS. We need a “Dirty Dirty Dude and Dirty Dirty Lady” award this weekend. Being speedy will be good. But winning the weekend will take the award. Bring an mtb and a ‘cross bike and get your hands on a .22 rifle too. and a costume. Get social, before, during and after. And hone your pond jumping and dual slalom triking too cause that is probably going to come in handy. You do it up and we’ll do it up.

Venue map

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