Fundraising for PA Interscholastic Cycling League

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The Outdoor Experience Organization and Trans-Sylvania Epic is proud to support the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League and work together to create this fundraising opportunity for the PA League.  Net proceeds from the fundraising effort will be donated to the PA League by the OEO. These riders are riding to raise money for the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League. Please support them.

We have three racers who are in a tight race to see who ends up being the top fundraiser! This will be interesting until the final stage and last day of fundraising.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.00.16 PM

These are some of the faces of the riders who are raising money so the PA League. Links to their donation pages can be found in the photo captions.


Thanks and we will see you at #singletracksummercamp very soon!


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