The “Solo Experience” – A more leisurely approach to Epicness.

By October 2, 2011Race News

While the Epic Team category is a great way for riders to take on the NoTubes TSEpic presented by Dirt Rag without the added stress of racing it every day (check Epic Team page for more info on this one-of-a-kind category) we’re also find a lot of folks out there who want something a little different.  They want the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing every stage of the TSEpic solo – knowing that you beat this beast and conquered every inch of every course on your own – but don’t want to feel the pressure of “racing” it.

We’ve always maintained that this isn’t a race for elites, it just so happens that the best of the best ride mountain bikes for the same reason that the rest of us do – because they freakin’ love good riding!!  We’re attracting elite racers because they’ve heard that this is a killer event with sweet courses for real mountain bikers that isn’t just about living at altitude or going out and back dirt roads as fast as possible.

Even though we love having these men and women at TSEpic there seems to be some skewed opinions that you have to be pro or at least pro-esque to do this thing.  We don’t agree and neither does Sue.  In fact, check out what East Coast legend Sue Haywood has to say about that here.

What the TSEpic is really about is putting together a super fun week of riding and hanging out – creating a summer camp for big kids on mountain bikes; an affordable fully supported mountain bike vacation.

But we realize that it can be a little intimidating to think of the TSEpic as a vacation if your bunkmates happen to be headed off to a World Cup next weekend, won the NUE Series last year or have a few national championship jerseys hanging in the closet.

So we’ve come up with something new.

You.  On your own.  Getting the full experience of PA mountain bike bliss delivered by TSE without having to race this guy:

How the Solo Experience works:

  • You’ll start each day’s stage 60-90 minutes prior to race start giving you far more time to enjoy the day and not feel nearly as pushed to reach each day’s checkpoint/cutoff time.*
  • You’ll be able to watch the lead racers rip by at some point and enjoy the thrill of seeing the front of the race each day (make sure to get out of their way!!).
  • You’ll still be given an official finish time each day and everyone who completes every stage will receive the same killer finishers prizes that the race category finishers earn.
  • You get it all – the same fun courses*, the same great care by the race staff, the same opportunities for lodging and food right on site at CampTSE and the same starters and finishers awards!
  • And you may enjoy the ride a little bit more!

The major difference between between this and other categories is that while you will receive a time on each stage you will not be eligible for race category prizes and so there is not a daily or overall prize list for the Solo Experience.  Again, you will be timed on each stage and given an overall finish time at the end of the week.

*On remote stages at Allegrippis (stage 4) and RB Winter (stage 5) Solo Experience riders will start just after the racers and complete one lap of each course.  Your rides these days will be slightly shorter, but it is likely you’ll get to be at the finish line to see the stage finish which ought to be pretty sweet!

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