IIGO MTB Relay Recap

We could try and explain to you how great the International Intergalactic Global Open MTB Team Relay of the Multiverse is, but we could not possibly do it justice. You cannot put into words the unique vibe that surrounds this event. The costumes, course, festivities provided by Sly Fox Brewing, and the heavy artillery all combine to create an event unlike any other.  We just wanted so say thanks to everyone who made the event what it is and thanks to out sponsors: Stan’s NoTubes, Lupine Lighting Systems, and ProGold. Without them we could not make events like this happen.

Check out some of these great pictures from Ed Hidden, his full album here, they do a great job of showing what our events our all about!

Thanks Joel and Jessica Nankman for the great video from the relay. Check it out!

Hopefully we will see you guys at the International Intergalactic Global Open Team ‘Cross Relay in August.                                                                                                                                               More Info and Registration here.





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