Iron Cross 2016; All-roads and some trail, right here.

Iron Cross Race, ultra cross at its finest, all roads and some dirt!

Oct 7-9, Dirt, Pavement, Gravel, Singletrack – all roads lead to Williamsport for the fourteenth edition of the North America’s Original Ultra-Cross style event, the Iron Cross Race!

The Best Iron Cross Weekend Yet!

There was a stout turnout of about 200 racers

There was a stout turnout of about 200 racers

The move to Williamsport, plus what the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club helped us cook up for the course , plus the build out of the weekend, family friendliness, and the downtown start/finish have made this much more than just a race. What we had going on before was damn good. This, this is freakin’ wonderful!

With the help of the Williamsport community and our SVVC friends, plus some new friends like the Montoursville Composite Team of the PA Interscholastic Cycling League, we’ve expanded the weekend and will keep blowing this up into the future.

Three “100 Kuhnometer” Courses On Tap

New for 2016 are two shorter courses that offer all-roads style circuits that Iron Cross pioneered. 50(ish) and 25(ish) mile options await. These routes are further detailed on the course pages. The 50 offers up everything you

Ahh yes pretty colors!

Ahh yes pretty colors!

find in the 100K race, except the most singletracky of the singletrack. The 25 is perfect if you want to sample the event and find out more about why this ride is so loved by people from all over the world. (We admit, and hated, but in a, “I love how much I hate that Iron Cross thing sooooo much!). These are incredible rides through the same variety of roads the racers experience, but in a bit more casual, less competitive setting. Both the 50 and the 25 miler are timed events. Everyone who takes part is entered to win some incredible prizes, but neither are full-on, “I gotta be first!!!!” race events.

And, for those family members not racing, we put together a 9 mile fun ride that crosses the beautiful Susquehanna, touches a little bit of dirt, and takes in some of the history of Williamsport such as Millionaire’s Row and the original Little League park. It is a wonderful way to spend an hour or two during the race.

The Weekend!

There is much more than just IC to the weekend! Come in Friday night to register and join us for a little welcome celebration. Plus, Oct 7 is First Friday in Williamsport which means the downtown streets are lined with vendors and fun. Saturday offers up not just the races and IC rides, but a vibrant downtown setting filled with restaurants, shops and a nearby farmers market that is definitely worth a visit — especially if you’re all about whoopee pies! Saturday also offers the fun of family friendly scavenger hunt for a great way to explore town. Post-race activities start at the finish line with restaurants and breweries right as you climb off the saddle, continue with a late night gathering at the Pajama Factory where we’ll relive the day and celebrate together, and where we go from there…well I suppose we can figure that one out together!

SVVC leads the way on Sunday with a few different ride options to showcase the incredible gravel that starts from this PA community and extends north to the NY line. If you like gravel, well, there’s a few thousand miles of it in northern PA awaiting your wheels. Stick around through Sunday, Oct 9 and join us to explore the tip of this gravel encrusted iceberg. These rides are open to everyone and support SVVC and the Montoursville Interscholastic Cycling Team.

This sounds pretty freakin’ great, should I do it?

Literally could not have picked a better time to be in Williamsport for the fall foliage.

Literally could not have picked a better time to be in Williamsport for the fall foliage.

No other event so perfectly combines gravel, pavement, dirt and a bit of singletrack to create this one-of-a-kind experience. Is it the easiest thing you’ve ever done? No, but if you’re looking for easy I’ve some Lightning McQueen bubble bath from my kid’s toddler days I can send your way.

You’re looking for adventure. You’ll love the incredible scenery exploding into the colors of fall. You want to share stories that leave those around the water-cooler shaking their heads in disbelief. You’re after experiences to tell your grandkids. You’re looking to do something amazing. You want to go where the wild things are. Come to Iron Cross, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Gravel, pavement, dirt, singletrack – however you get there, be there October 7-9 for the one and only Iron Cross Race Weekend!

The fine print. Iron Cross is open to bikes of all shapes and sizes and does not discriminate based on bar shape, brake style, wheel diameter, tire thickness, or any other “industry standard.” Come one, come all!  Iron Cross, a Kuhn and The Gang Joint.


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