Iron Cross Preview Weekend Aug 8-9

IC lead
Where:  Williamsport, PA

What: Saturday and Sunday rides to check out the NEW Iron Cross Race course from downtown Williamsport and check out our new digs!

When: Schedule (the basics)
Saturday – ride 3PM-6PM
Sunday – ride 9:00AM-1:00PM

No need to register, just come on out and join us!

Saturday –
Meet between 2:00-2:30 at the Brickyard Restaurant and Ale House (or get there a little earlier and grab lunch!), the location of our start/finish on October 18 and the post-race celebrations!
Ride from 2:30-6:00PM
Ride will cover the first and last quarters of the course
– This will be the smoothest and fastest parts of the course and a beautiful section through the water authority

Saturday ride features:
– The departure from town
– First climb through the Williamsport Water Authority
– Top out on Rt 44 (where we’ll meet up on Sunday morning)
– Rt 44 descent and pavement back to town
– Final stretch into town and along Third to the finish at Pine and the Brickyard

Clean up and we’ll grab a bite together if you feel so inclined to join or check out Williamsport on your own – Bullfrog, Moon and Raven, Genetti, and Brickyard are all great choices with many more available to you.

Brickyard Address for Saturday meet up:
The Brickyard Restaurant and Ale House
343 Pine Street
Williamsport, PA 17701-6216

ph: 570-322-3339

brickyard2 brickyard moon and ravenbullfrog

Sunday –
Meet at the parking area at the top of Rt 44 at the intersection with Vandyke Road
(Make sure to grab breakfast in town or on your way to the ride, there isn’t much out there!  Grab a lunch to bring too!)
Ride will start at 9:00AM from the meeting point at 44/Vandyke
We’ll cover the middle section of the course on this ride.
– This ride includes most of the gravel and almost all of the trail on this year’s Iron Cross

Sunday’s ride features:
– Webster Trail
– Walters Road
– 3rd Gap
– Pipeline Road
– The Vandyke
– The new “Run-Up” off Sawalt Rd

Map to Rt 44/Vandyke from Pine Street at the Brickyard
554 South to Rt 44 West, Vandyke is at the top of the ridge,-77.0031279/41.1377284,-77.0867185/@41.1852539,-77.049725,12.46z

williamsport to vandyke



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