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Update, July 2, 2015


Just sent this little ditty out to all our past IC participants…read on for more information about this year’s IC.


is headed to Williamsport, PA!

You’ve heard rumors, some come from we’ve spread some ourselves, half of them are half true and the other half are only half false.

Here’s the scoop – or at least what things look like right this minute (you’ll note of course that in a minute it’ll be a different minute…).

Iron Cross is headed to Williamsport, PA. We’re stoked. The town has a lot of great places to stay and offers an array of great restaurants and cool joints where you can enjoy a cold post ride beverage. In fact, we’re so excited about this place we want you to join us twice this year!

We guarantee you’re still going to get

though I will say that things are bigger in Williamsport…

August 9th will not be Iron Cross. Instead, come on out Aug 8 and 9 to explore the new Iron Cross course with us and take in some of what Williamsport has to offer. We’re going to hold a ride or two that weekend and enjoy some of the fine establishments located in this great town like Moon And Raven Public House and The Brickyard Restaurant and Ale House. There is no charge for it, just a chance to come check out the whole scene and preview the new IC route.

More information on those August weekend preview plans coming soon, but the simple version is: Ride Sat afternoon, beer, eat, sleep, eat, ride Sunday morning, beer, eat.

We are in the midst of moving the Iron Cross race date to October 18 and as those plans firm up we’ll be back with more information about the start/finish location and will reopen registration for you.

And we’re working on more than just the Iron Cross event, but will be adding a gravel ride on Saturday from nearby Hughesville, PA that benefits the IMBA affiliated Susquehanna Valley Velo Club’s trailwork efforts and visits Crystal Lake Ski Center where there is talk of grooming for fatbikes this year. We’re alwo working on a family friendly scavenger hunt around Williamsport on race day. So plan to bring out the whole crew and spend a couple days with us! More information on our lodging partner and the weekend’s schedule coming (as soon as I’m back from family vacation next week…yay, timing).

Oh, and apparently that Oct 17-18 weekend coincides with a new microbrew festival the folks at Bullfrog Brewery are putting together. That’s a bummer, huh?  I know, sorry.

Hugs and kisses from your IC crew and our awesome partners. Hope to see you and your crew one or both weekends in Williamsport!





So, put a pin in this stuff below and we’ll be back to you as soon as we can with more information…Reg is suspended for the moment, please stand by for station identification…mmmeeeeeeeeeeeppppp



Iron Cross XIII

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It is on! The 13th Edition of NoTubes Iron Cross!!!

October, Williamsport, PA

A great new course in a great new place awaits those willing to take on the challenge and fun of Iron Cross!

Iron Cross is moving to South Williamsport in 2015 and we’ll be tapping into a few of the dozens of great restaurants, bars, hotels and family entertainment options in the revitalized Williamsport and S. Williamsport area. Be sure to check out the website for more information about where to eat and stay while you’re in town!

The new course is sure to please too – as long as you’re into what has made Iron Cross legendary! We brought Ultracross to North America and will continue our tradition of creating the best of the breed by mixing an incredible variety of road, gravel, doubletrack and even a bit of singletrack into the mix.

Moving to a great community is only going to make your weekend that much better! Oh, and don’t you worry your pretty little heads, we’ve found us a fine replacement for the Wigwam run up. You’re welcome. You’ll also find some amazing new spots in the Tiadaghton forest and names like The Vandyke, Route 44, Walters Rd and Webster Trail are sure to become as loved/infamous as Hogshead and Lippencote.

Something we’re really excited to announce, which moving to our new home is allowing, is an expansion of the events to include a fun gravel ride option on Saturday and a family friendly scavenger hunt through Williamsport on Sunday while the race is in progress. Our partners in the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club are helping to bring these events together and we’ll be raising funds for local trail development through them.

Bring the family, bring your friends. You want to be part of the new Iron Cross in Williamsport, PA!

400 Race Reg Limit. Get in while you can.


Can’t wait to see you for the 13th Edition of North America’s Original Ultracross Race!


and find us on Facebook @ Iron Cross Race

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Discount entry: $70.00 until week before the race.

Regular Price: $85.00 week of the race until reg closes.

Day of Registration: $100 at the table





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