Iron Cross XIV Is Coming!

RACE DATE: October 8, 2016, in Williamsport, PA

ATTENTION: Iron Cross is on hiatus. The race is off, but we will still be riding!

Details plus a Facebook invite are coming soon. (Please let us know you’ll be there by RSVPing to the invite page.)

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Iron Cross XIV*


A full weekend exploring Williamsport, PA Friday, October 7 through Sunday October 9, 2016
Iron Cross Races, Saturday, Oct 8.

Registration: Open Now!


Iron Cross, Williamsport was awesome and we can’t wait to get back there this October! The dozens of great restaurants, bars, hotels and family entertainment options in the Williamsport and S. Williamsport area add just what is needed to take an incredible course and turn it into a spectacular event.

The new course is pretty perfect – everyone on the finish line feels like, ‘I shoulda brung the other bike’ and that’s basically what we’re after! We want it to be an interesting choice between ‘cross and MTBs.

Iron Cross race stalwarts Andrew B and Professor G said, “Whassup? We be thinking that was more mountain bikey.” But then Mr AA of the TSEpic crew did a little analysis and his stravalator showed his mountain bike was the best choice for only 5 miles of the 100 Kuhnometer course. Ms. Jill thought her 700x38c equipped carbon hardtail was the B.O.M.B. While a pre-ride on a loop of the first and last quarters of the course had The Sledgeholzammer thinking hard about bringing out a road bike.

It was like a golden tunnel out there!
It was more like the start of a crit than an ultra cross race, in the way that we lined up in the closed- off streets in Williamsport, PA!
In the end, with three ‘cross bikes dominating the top three steps of the men’s podium in 2015 and miles out front (we all sat down and had a beer before mountain bikes showed up) and on top of the women’s podium too we didn’t change much for 2016. We added a bit of trail and dirt through the water authority to bring you back toward town and took out the most technical rocky bits from the 3rd/4th Gap area of the course. We’re continuing what made Iron Cross legendary! We brought Ultracross to North America, created the “all-roads” event even if that wasn’t a thing yet, and Iron Cross, Williamsport continues our tradition of creating the best of the breed by mixing an incredible variety of road, gravel, doubletrack and a bit of singletrack into the mix.
Literally could not have picked a better time to be in Williamsport for the fall foliage.
Horse Path is already giving Wigwam a run for the title of “Best Run Up Ever” with the new version of Larry’s Tavern the best I’ve seen. And amazing new spots in the Tiadaghton forest with names like The Vandyke, Route 44, Walters Rd and Webster Trail are already gaining reputations comparable to the loved/infamous Hogshead Rd and Lippencote Trail.
Abe found a good spot here to capture how steep the hike was.
It was a really cool hang out setting right beside the start/ finish area. Two different restaurants to pick from for post race grub/ brews!
A further expansion of the weekend events includes fun gravel ride options on Sunday supporting Susquehanna Valley Velo Club and the local PA Interscholastic League Team. Other events through the weekend include a welcome on Friday night, some post race activities at the Pajama Factory on Saturday, and family friendly scavenger hunts by bike and foot through Williamsport while the race is in progress.


The big news is that at this year’s Iron Cross Race we’re adding two shorter options to the fun! 

Check the course pages for the info on the two new 100 Kuhnometer courses. The 25 miler gives a great sampling of all that make IC special and the 50 miler that offers a most of the long course gravel, dirt and pavement with only a wee bit of trail thrown in…and the very top of Larry’s, cause you don’t want to miss that! We also mapped out a great little ride around town for anyone you’re bringing along for the fun.

Gravel ride info led by the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club is gonna be right here. Family scavenger hunt info will be over here. But, do not look at this.

Bring the family, bring your friends. You’ll love Iron Cross in Williamsport, PA!

Iron Cross Race, October, Williamsport, PA

Can’t wait to see you for the 14th Edition of North America’s Original Ultracross Race!

and find us on Facebook @ Iron Cross Race

“Due to your support our events have raised more than $30,000.00 for PA trails and the effort to launch the PA Interscholastic Cycling League. Please help us to continue to support these efforts by coming out and having some fun at our events and by donating directly to the PA League PAMTB.ORG.”

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*We’re totally about to get confused on all this XXIVVIZDEJJJ stuff. Just so you know.

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