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It's a good thing he caught this view on camera, because us racers only got to enjoy it for a few short seconds on race day.

Iron Cross starts and finishes in downtown Williamsport, PA surrounded by amenities and fun. You’re in for a great weekend in north central PA!

Three course distances plus a family friendly loop of town too.

The Big Daddy – 100K (or so) of everything you love about Iron Cross

The Little Momma – 50 miles that is mostly gravel and pavement and avoids the roughest and toughest singletrack, but gets in just the top of Horse Path so you can enjoy you some Larry’s Tavern. Not a race, this timed course offers opportunities to test out the Iron Cross race, enjoy an incredible couple days of riding, and be part of the prize drawing at the end of the day!

The Baby Brother – 25 miles with the same start and finish as the long loops. You’ll find the incredible climb through the water authority that gradually changes from gravel to singletrack before opening back to dirt roads and the fun twisting descent that returns you to Williamsport on this loop. Like the 50 this is a timed loop for bragging rights and entry to our prize drawing!


The Family Fun – Bringing the SO? The family unit? Some random people just looking for something to do?  Here’s a little tour of Williamsport that gets you out to see a bit of town and takes in some of the course too. Remember, all roads on this on are open to traffic!  If you’re looking for something even shorter, check out the start and finish of this loop along 4th and 3rd streets.

There is an option to download a GPS file on each of these. Please keep in mind that the course you see is drawn on the map and may not match “on the ground” exactly. More importantly, we reserve the right to make changes to the course as necessary which may not be reflected here.

Other useful maps are here for local attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. LINK TO WILLIAMSPORT MAPS and directions for how to get to Iron Cross!

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