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off to work

The Race

4 Hours Long
3-ish mile long laps
Lots of heckling opportunities
Handicapping to level the racing field


Costumes are encouraged.
Really good ones are rewarded.


Past results show this actually works like we planned!!

(Which is sort of amazing since I pulled the whole thing outta the back end of a tauntaun… and you thought they smelled bad on the outside.)

2007 – (4 elite men)
2008 – (4 elite men)
2009 – Whiskey Springs Devo Team (4 beginner Jrs)
2010 – MudHoneys (3 expert women, 1 sport woman)
2011 – Whiskey Springs Jrs – (All Beginner Kids)
2012 – Whiskey Springs Jrs
2013 – Jr Kids from FF Racing – (And it was time to revisit “Jr Beginner” points!)
2014 – Mountainside Racing 2
2015 – Everyone Who Was There
2016 – Two DumDums

If you still don’t think you can win it or if you are more concerned about drinking some brews than going hard then dress up and get yourselves the costume prize.

Or just drink.

Its a kick ass way to start the season, the short hard lap efforts are superb race training, and its almost too much fun. Almost.
Except for the puking at the end of the lap bit.

I’m leaving it up to our intrepid scorers to figure out how points earned by these teams will be distributed to your MASS teams so don’t ask me.



The parking is in the same proximity as the race course. It’s a big field, so you can easily get to vehicles for gear between laps.

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