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This is the points schedule for the handicapping. This scheme has been scientifically transmogrified and statistically confabulated to arrive at the current hypothetically accurate and irrefutable analysis of handicapping points awarded. You may think that one category or another deserves more points than some other one.* But, you’d be wrong so there is no use bringing it up.

Seriously, THE Open is all about not taking things too seriously so try really seriously to not be too serious.



The following is from the last year or two of THE Relay – it might change a little because I’m getting tired of the “beginner Jrs” putting up top 20 lap times… The following is to give you and idea of how it works. If you have a better idea, stuff it.

Handicapping for MASS Team Relay (2008)
Handicap By Handicap
Elite Open 0 0
Sr Expert Men 0 Pro/Elite Men
Vet I Expert Men 0 Sr Expert Men
Vet II Expert Men 1 Vet I Expert Men
Mas I Expert Men 2
Expert SS 0 1
Mas II Expert Men 3 Vet II Expert Men
Elite Women (all) 4 Expert SS
Master I Expert Men
Sr 1 Sport 2 2
Sr 2 Sport 2 Sr 1 Sport
Vet 1 Sport 2 Sr 2 Sport
Sport SS 2 Vet 1 Sport
Vet 2 Sport 3 Sport SS
Mas 1 Sport 3
Mas 2 Sport 4 3
Sport Jr I 3 Master II Expert Men
Clydesdale Men 4 Vet 2 Sport
Sport Women I (34&U) 5 Mas 1 Sport
Sport Women II (35+) 5 Sr 1 Beg
Athena Women 5 Sr 2 Beg
Vet 1 Beg
Sr 1 Beg 3 Sport Jr I
Sr 2 Beg 3 Elite Women
Vet 1 Beg 3 4
Vet 2 Beg 4 Clydesdale
Mas 1 Beg 4 Mas 2 Sport
Mas 2 Beg 5 Vet 2 Beg
Jr 10-12 9 Mas 1 Beg
Jr 13-15 7 Elite Women
Jr 16-18 4 5
Beg Women U34 7 Sport Women U34
Beg Women 35+ 7 Sport Women 35+
Mas 2 Beg
Jr 15-16 Beg
Athena Women
Beg Women U34
Beg Women 35+
Jr 13-14 Beg
Jr 10-12 Beg
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So, you take each person on your team, assign the appropriate handicapping points, add up your team’s total and you end up with your start points. Each lap is then worth 4 points. We race; your team gets 4 points for each lap they complete. Add your team’s start points with the lap points and you get your total points. Most total points wins.   *9 times out of 10 the category that most people think is deserving of more points is the one that they themselves are in…