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MTB Relay Schedule

Day of Schedule:

Area 51 Access granted (venue opens) 8AM (any unauthorized cruisers invading landing space prior to 0800 will be turned to space dust)

Book your seat on the shuttle (on site reg) 8:30-10AM

Attend Death Star attack briefing (staging and pre-race meeting) 10:15AM

Blast Off (Race Start) 10:30AM

Splash Down (Finish) – 2:30PM + lap

Space Cadet (Kids) Race – 2:45PM (After final relay rider crosses the line, we’ll stage the Cadets race)

Biathlon – 3:00PM

Number crunching and general making up of results in progress (beep, boop, boop, beep)

Grand Awards Ceremony – 4PM (ish) Have some space grog, enjoy the show and chill like you’re in suspended animation, we’ll be landing shortly

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