[The MTB Relay. MASS Finals, Cross Relay, Night TT and PA Interscholastic League Race #1 all take place on the farm.]


1. NO DOGS – Big, little, pure, mutt we love them all, but we are not allowing them on the farm. The only dogs allowed are the family farm dogs. THIS INCLUDES EVERYONE, NOT JUST CAMPERS. Please keep in mind that the Oesterlings are doing a wonderful thing by allowing people to come ride their private property please don’t bring your pup.

2. No fires. You can bring your portable grills but no open campfires. Sometimes we get a bonfire going for your marshmallow roasting pleasure.

3. No pre-riding except during the weekly Wednesday night ride at the farm.

4. No smoking.

5. Kids supervised – You’re invited and encouraged to bring your entire family to our events as we do have much more than just a bike race going on with activities for everyone, even if it’s just relaxing by the pond or fishing in the creek. However, we require that children have adult supervision while on the farm at all times and you, as the parent or guardian, must provide this supervision. There are 2 ponds and there will be no lifeguard on duty. Swimming is at your own risk.

AND Kids in the pond – This is a big attraction for the youngsters and a great way for them to spend some time. However, please be aware that the boats and floating dock are the Oesterlings property and they must be treated with care. Abuse of these items or any other property will not be tolerated. Destruction of property will result in immediate ejection from the property.

6. Keep it quiet during quiet times. Quiet hours are 11pm – 7am. There will be plenty of time for you to be rowdy and loud cheering on the other racers. Hopefully you’ll all lose your voices from cheering and be too tired from racing for this to even be a concern.

7. Don’t be a jerk.

8. Respect the property. For more than a decade now you’ve been pretty solid, which is why we keep inviting you all back. Please remember that the Oesterlings live here all year long, have been incredibly supportive of mountain biking and ‘cross racing on this property and are my in-laws so there is no way I can get away from them. Well I can, but my wife is pretty great…most of the time anyway. Please be respectful of the property and thank the Oesterlings for their hospitality and support of our sport whenever you have the chance. Bring Rosezelma flowers and Howdy some beer (don’t worry, he’s happy with the cheap stuff, not a beer snob like most of you guys).

9. DO NOT LITTER. I’m not just talking here about the camping area where we will have some trash receptacles, but do not drop your used gel packs on the course. I know you’re quite sure that those used foil containers are going to weigh you down and keep you from winning, but if you’re caught littering the course you’ll be DQ’d (and that don’t mean I’m taking you out for a BliZzard). There is no reason to not put that packet back in your jersey pocket or under your leg band ’til the end of the race. The only place you will be allowed to drop the food wrappers is at the start/finish line/feed zone area where they must be picked up by a teammate or your support person. DO NOT LITTER

10. Pack out what you pack in. Going along really well with #9 above. Bring a big ol’ trash bag, put your garbage in your big ol’ trash bag, put your big ol’ trash bag in your car, put your car in your driveway, and put your trash in your trashcan at home. Thanks for helping us keep the place clean. We will have some trash receptacles around the venue, but helping us with little things like this keeps the event going because it keeps me, my crew, my folks, my outlaws, and my wife happy and this only keeps going if we keep smiling!

11. We reserve the right to create and impose further rules throughout the weekend as we deem necessary to reduce inconsiderateness (is that a word?) so that we can all have fun, be happy and get along.


The Races

The OPEN MTB Relay

The OPEN Cross Relay