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The PA state critter is the majestic whitetail deer. We love ’em. They taste fine. They also make nice coat racks, if you can get them to part with coat rack bit. Well, we may give them a pass now and let them keep their pointy bits, because they’re helping the PA Interscholastic League with their new Bucks for Bikes program. They went around and got some pretty dang nice promoters to hop on the program. 

The way it works is that the promoter adds a single dollar (or more, up to the promoters’ discretion) to each entry fee. Those dollars then gets sent off to the PA Interscholastic Cycling League to support the league’s efforts all across the commonwealth. The promoters might also choose to donate a dollar to other deserving local or national cycling organizations that are doing good things – you know, places like IMBA, People for Bikes, Trips for Kids, and the many local trail advocacy orgs all over.

Look for the logo and support events that support your sport and the effort to put thousands of kids on bikes across the Commonwealth. Ask promoters to get on board too so you know that your participation is doing something great for you and for the next generation of riders. 

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