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By September 26, 2011Photo/Video/Media

You may have noticed this year that the TSE Media Team added in a new visual feature to keep the racers entertained after dinner – that’s right, it’s video! My goals in production are three fold: 1) Make you (the riders) look like you know what you’re doing out there on the course, 2) Make sure the sponsors of this beloved race get some camera love, and 3) Create a full-story of the TSE Laissez Faire Lifestyle off the course. The perfect-yet-obvious compliment to photos and thumping music is adding in some compelling video clips, with a different look than usual race coverage (CyclingDirt’s got that covered and does a damn fine job of it, too). A challenge, yes!, but I think we can keep upping the ante with what we can do in two hours before the daily showtime.

In retrospect, here’s my favorite of all the daily videos Zack and I produced this past year. It’s from Day 5 at Raystown, which is famous for the roller-coaster ride and grueling vertical gain. For those of you “in the know”, the vertical gain kinda sneaks up on you and that peg-legged feeling carries into the car ride back to camp. Anyway, check it out, and hang on until the end. Lots of bits in there that we are proud of catching on camera.


© Trans-Sylvania Epic/A.E.Landes Photography

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