Banging Trashcan Lids – Rattling Around or Hoveround?

Bangin’ Trashcan Lids – Jabberin’ about Rattlin’

VVfkdZyAcBEhBmjBif_HpLiUQsLKznh8wSFMMPb4Xck,WbgwoYc3K84bLZ3lU7KAbNaC6NFnk__V9NRNkrEfUI8Rattling Creek. If you’ve not ridden there you need to soon. It is a beauty. I put it up there with RB Winter, Tussey Ridge and Sawtooth near Worlds End State Park as some of the best classic PA riding around.

I know flow trails are awesome, but sometimes you just want something where you really need a mountain bike. Where the trail is challenging but doable and when you complete it you know you’ve done something special — and probably something that g’ma can’t cruise on her hoveround.

So, go ride it. We’ll even make it easy and show you the best way around.  You don’t have to “race” it of course, but in early April we’re taking the Mid-Atlantic Super Series to Rattling Creek for the first endurance race of the year.

Sunday April 10, 2016 – 60/30/15 K single lap courses await.

A new format – we’ll let you chill out and warm up with a ride to the top of the ridge behind Elizabethville and then start with a couple miles of wide open, but relatively flat singletrack, before jumping into the rocks. Should make for a really fun day.

zDXwmjI02czlYlhA8Y2qEW2AXkA4XJBsP76Rx5FIc10,254HIvKat9reuuPs-zfkMdAm0ydEeeueW3s0BUKRuesWe’ll make sure you get lots of great stuff in your course. The 60 includes everything. The 40 gets a lot of it. The 20 is great if you’re looking to give it a try out here.  Plus, it’ll leave you wanting more and we love to see you coming back to Rattling.

Food and finisher prizes for all distances. Camping is included and available at the finish line and some other places close by.


We’ll time you in the 20 and the 40, prizes are for the 60K. That keeps shorter course entry costs down a bit and is a great way to give this thing a go if you feel the 60 is a bit much.

It is beautiful. The trails are stellar. It is well worth the trip. There is good reason it is considered the, “Best course in the mid-Atlantic.” Come find out for yourself! L3xeLJtP0fnZxrVTwSni5i7Ii4FXusdxMeUc1nhMfvc,hnJ7e9SxpEuqzVv4sIExvzEP-65NvaOX6YA8p1O4eXg

Sunday, April 10. Just south of Elizabethville, PA. Point the hoveround over at the Rattling links for more.

Get Dirty,

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