Rattling Creek 50/25 Milers

By August 3, 2011Rattling Weekend

In just a few weeks we’re headed out to Lykens for the annual Rattlin’ MTB Marathon.  We have some big plans for this thing in coming years, but the basis for what we’re doing is the incredible Rattling Creek trail network that stretches down the ridge from Lykens to Elizabethtown, PA.  Of course, if you’ve been following along, you know that we are working on expanding this trail network in the coming years in order to provide a direct trail link to the town of Lykens.  Once completed, the trail connection not only will create a super sweet way to start and finish a mountain bike race right in town, but also encourage greater visitation of Lykens by riders out for a weekend of fun.  It has been shown that connections like this can also bring greater community use which is a great way to do a little something that may help health and wellness.  Basically, the easier you make it for folks to get on the trails the more likely they are to use ’em.  Sounds good to us.

First things first though.  August 22, Rattling 50 and 25  There is even a category for folks that just want to do the 50 miles as an “Experience” ride.  Come out and join us!

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