Rattling Marathon This Weekend

Rattling Off Road Weekend 2014!!

The Rattling 50 (and 30) take place on freakin’ sweet set of trails near Lykens, PA this coming Saturday, Aug 9! We love the riding here and if you like real mountain biking you’ll love this one. We serve up 50 miles of very well built trail that (well, besides the big climb off the start…yea, sorry about that part…) resides mostly on the top of wide ridge in central PA. Though by no means flat, the climbs on the top of this ridge are manageable and gradual for the most part with only a few kickers here and there to keep you swearing under your breath. The 30 serves up a lot of the goodness of the 50 too, you just don’t have to suffer as much. Swag, food, beverages and friends follow. Make sure to check out the race page for more info!


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Hell yea it is. IMBA even said so.


Our good buds at Stans NoTubes Logo   Cody Philips jumps the gap at the end of the endurowith some help from more awesome friends at



The Topeak PrepStations made it easy for racers to get the support they needed, whether at the start line or at the race’s many checkpoints en route.are helping to make this thing happen.

Mappage – Right here on the Maps page.

2014 Rattling 3D from west end of course

Register here for the 2014 Rattling Off Road Weekend!

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