Rattling Weekend MTB Course Information

Course info.

50 Mile MTB Marathon (Saturday)


25 Mile MTB Half Marathon (Saturday)


12 Mile MTB Mini




We are very happy to be working closely with Lykens, IMBA, DCNR, DCED, and the Friends of Weiser and more in creating a new trail linking Lykens directly to the incredible trail network at the top of the ridge.

In 2013 we will be using some temporary connections to bring the racers back close to town with the effort ongoing to create the final links that will make Lykens the place to start and finish any rides on the Rattling Creek network. You can help us make these connections and close to 40 more miles of trail a reality by being a part of the fund raising for the Lykens Valley Trail Network! Join us in building this new mountain bike destination and helping to create a positive economic force in the region through outdoor recreation!!

Pick up a ticket for the “Raffle for PA Trails” presented by the Outdoor Experience Organization! Tickets are $10 and proceeds will go to the Rattling Creek project and other trail creation and enhancement projects in PA! The winner of the drawing gets a free solo entry to the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic in 2014 and the choice of a 2014 TSEpic.com Team Level Bike upgraded with Stan’s NoTubes wheels! That’s a prize value of almost $6000.00!! Heck, get two tickets! Tickets will be available at registration!

The course is lollipop style in layout, but the stick is a lot shorter than last time – in other words you go out the stick, do a lap of the candy goodness and then return on the stick. Only the candy at the end is more like lumpy rough rock candy than a nice round tootsie pop. The stick is a bit of pavement, but it is over damn quick.

There are two checkpoints for the 50 miler at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the course. The 25 miler will hit one checkpoint.


The 50 miler will pass through the same checkpoint twice approximately 1/3 and 2/3rds of the way through the race.The 25 mile race will pass through the checkpoint once.The checkpoint will be stocked with the usual array of “power” food and some more regular fare. We will have both water and HEED from Hammer Nutrition available at the checkpoint for fluid. The supplies will be a mix of things. If you have particular requirements you should pack your own.We will transport one aid station bag for each participant. If you are preparing your bag in advance use a 1 gallon ziplock style plastic bag. You will need to put your race number on the bag on race day.


Rattling Creek Trail Network

The Rattling Creek Singletrackers (RCST – google “Rattling Creek Singletrackers”) have done a stellar job creating an incredible network of trails on this wide ridge in central PA. RCST got on board with the IMBA way of trail building early on and built a showcase of what can be accomplished when mountain bikers and property owners and governmental organizations work together.


Register here for the 2014 Rattling Off Road Weekend!

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