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A note on all courses. You will register and ride from Rowland Picnic Area as noted on the directions page. The first two miles of the course is a warm up climb – you’ll ride at your own pace, starting whenever you would like, to the top of the ridge. This climb is approximately two miles long. We will stage you for the officials start near the hang glider launch/overlook/Wolf Pond Rd area. This offers everyone a warm up but then keeps the first climb of the day from being the deciding factor in the race. While this is at your own pace, we will start on time and if you are not at the start line we will not wait — allow yourself plenty of time to get to the top and “enjoy” the ride up!  You may not drive or have someone else drive you to the top of the mtn. Course distances include this two mile ride up the mountain.

60K Course Map

It is your responsibility to follow your course. Both the 30K and 15K will split off from the 60K. It is your responsibility to understand and follow your course and no other course.

30K Course Map

It is your responsibility to be aware of and follow your course split from the 60K course after your second trip through the checkpoint. The 15K course splits from the 60K/30K after CP#1. Follow your course.

15K Course Map

The 15K course will split off from the 60/30K course after CP#1, rejoin the 60K, and then break off of it again. It is your responsibility to understand and follow your course.

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iTqzR8pbdQVsaKmrNwZ-IvhjFv9X2nq2sKy6zrQ7ERw,Oj1rl_Jvg20hjajNz80mnZagLQ39OglNeOJJDpzFAY8You will have access to a drop bag during the event. While anyone may place a drop bag, drop bags are not returned to the finish line until after the end of the 60K event. You must stick around for your drop bag if you want those items back. If you would like us to mail your items back to you, you must provide a pre-paid self addressed large envelope or box for us at registration.*

IMPORTANT – Drop bags must be placed with the checkpoint crew at registration. The CP crew goes directly from registration to the CP and will not be at the start line. They do not pass Go or collect 100 dollars either, unfortunately for them.

There is one CP location on the course. If you have a drop bag it will go here. All participants will see the course checkpoint at least 1 time.
60K – makes three passes through the CP – approx mileage from the registration – 10K/24K/50K (6mi/15mi/30mi)
30K – makes two passes through the CP – 10K/24K (6mi/15mi)
15K – makes one pass through the CP – 10K (6mi)

We will transport one aid station bag for each 60K participant should you choose this service.

If you are preparing your bag in advance use a 1 gallon Ziplock style plastic bag. You will need to put your race number on the bag on race day.

The checkpoint will be stocked with the usual array of “power” food and some more regular fare. The supplies will be a mix of things. If you have particular requirements you should pack your own drop bag.


*Please know that anything left behind we do our best to reuse or recycle. Tubes, tires and cartridges are placed back out for neutral support at other events. Bottles are usually washed and reused for neutral support in future events as well. With the start of the PA Interscholastic Cycling League we’ll also direct some of these materials to students in need of them whenever possible.

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