So Long Rob, Here Comes Some Hot Dog Rolling – The Epic Team Update

By May 29, 2012Race News

So Long Rob, Here Comes Some Hot Dog Rolling – The Epic Team Update

Dave Pryor takes over from Rob Lichtenwalner who had to return to the real world in today’s Epic Team Update.

We’re halfway through the TSEpic (Saturday’s a parade day, don’t kid yourselves), and “Team Dogfish Head Brewery powered by Captain Lawrence Brewery” is still together, and still on point for our goal (not last place).


As with any great team, we spend a lot of our down time focusing on strategy. Important questions such as “Who’s going to actually try today?” Or “What temperature should we set the a/c in the RV to?” And most importantly “Who needs a beer?”

But what we’ve learned quickly in this big event is how important it is to adjust when all that stratergy gets thrown out the window. Take today for example. Our plan was to stick together with the rest of the teams, and then I’d lead us through the first techno singletrack section, launching Darrin & Jamie to crush the big road sections. But they launched themselves from the gun, leaving me to sit up and suffer through the rest of the day.

Part 2 of the plan was Darrin getting Jamie to the big climb, where he’d climb off to glory. Which happened, except that Darrin was having “a day” and stayed with him. They developed Part 3 on the fly, letting Darrin go … so he could get the hot dog roller machine hooked up for the rest of us.

Tomorrow we’re gonna divide and conquer the Raystown stage according to skill sets. Jamie & Darrin will race their bikes, while Scott & I  handup beers, heckle our friends, and watch the real race unfold. It took 3 days, but we finally learned how to take full advantage of the Epic Team format.

Meanwhile in the racing end of the Epic Team category Tim Johnson joined the fun.  Yes, that Tim Johnson.  He showed up after a midnight run from the Killington Stage Race.  While Johnson finished fourth overall on the stage today Team CF, the leaders of the Epic Team category still hold a big lead in the GC competition.  The question, of course, is whether Johnson will be able to claw back enough time from the Team CF racers to put his People for Bikes/Cannondale/NoTubes team into the lead.

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