The Duo Report: Stage 4

By May 30, 2013Race News, TSE

We try to keep the tone of these reports pretty official, but there is nothing official about today’s stage. It was ridiculous. Next Level Bike Race Maneuver. Enduro’s are a newer flavor of the sport, and in an effort to embrace that genre of racing and offer a taste to those who may not exactly seek out their particular brand o’ whiskey. Scary. Fun.

5 timed downhill trending segments were linked together by uphill transfer sections. Mountain bike skills would be rewarded over raw fitness.


The stage played well into the hands of Jon Firth and Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honey Stinger/Planet Foods) who took the win over Mike Festa and Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclismo). The Ciclismo pair narrowly edged out newcomers to the podium, Christian Baks and Paul Wojciak (Pawling Cycle and Sport) by only a few seconds. Craig Lebair was seen waiting at the end of sector 4 for his teammate who forgot the stage wasn’t a cyclocross race. (There may be photo evidence of his crash and or dismount mid downhill).

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