The Duo Report: Stage 6

By June 1, 2013Race News, TSE

Temperatures reached nearly one billion degrees fahrenheit atop Tussey Ridge on Stage 6’s scorcher through Rothrock State forest. Reports of riders actually melting were greatly exaggerated, however all had their moments dealing with the days weather conditions.


The rain jackets from Stage 2 are a distant memory at this point. Luckily the day also offered the best trails in the entire race, which offered some consolation to riders.


Jon Firth and Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honey Stinger/Planet Foods) were back at it after a difficult stage yesterday. The pair were able to put time into Mike Festa and Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclismo) who once again took 2nd on the day and increased their lead over 3rd place, now owned by Christian Baks and Paul Wojciak (Pawling Cycle and Sport). Temp will remain high for Stage 7, however with the GC pretty much on lock, riders may be more interested in PBRs than raw speed.

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