The Duo Report

By May 27, 2012Race News, TSE

Stage one of the Trans-Sylvania Epic saw some heated competition between the teams contesting the Duo division. The Bald Eagle prologue offered copious amounts of humidity and heat.

More importantly, riders were tasked with negotiating an enduro motorcycle course from the day prior. Huge cheers were offered to those brave enough to take the line over the obstacles intended for the mountain bike’s bigger brothers.

The Philadelphia Ciclismo team of Jake Wade and Steve Ordons ripped the course in just over an hour beating out the Zimmerman’s  traveling from Florida, the Duo from Colorado, Dax and Jake (Breck Epic/Notubes). Just off the podium Ciclismo’s second team set up a tight race keeping the top 4 duos within 85 seconds.

Look for more action tomorrow as the race hits Coopers Gap with 42 miles of rocks on rocks on rocks

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