2017 Stage Details are only final once approval is granted from PA’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. This is what we’ve proposed.
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Stage 1: Coburn Thursday
May 24 – 30 miles

The first stage of TSEpic will be one of the fastest and we’re expecting a thrilling and tight finish on the day.  Traditionally considered dirt road-style stage, we’ve combined bits and pieces of previous prologues, Coburns and final Bald Eagle stages into this one to kick off the week. The famous dark, abandoned railroad tunnel may even make a return. New multi-use doubletrack trail construction through the forest results in a return trip eliminating some gravel roads, but the stage is still expected to be the one with the fastest average speed of the week.

This stage has always been exciting with racers sprinting to the line separated by only seconds. For those not looking to sprint to the finish, that railroad tunnel, rhododendron forests, fun singletrack, rippin’ fast open descents and fast rolling stage (with a little kick at the end) is a great way to start the event with huge smiles.


Stage 2: Rothrock Enduro
Friday, May 25 – 21 miles

Enduro Day is one of the racers’ favorites (even for the climby-types). These five fun, challenging segments are all the racing for today with casual rolling between. If you’ve with not tried enduro before, you’re going to love it – rippin’ and grinnin’ on the descents (maybe a little clenchin’ too in a couple spots, just sayin’) and then simply pedal on to the next segment and let it roll. The timed segments today count toward both the overall general classification and to the enduro points sub-classification.

Returning to the Tussey Mountain Ski Area for what is always one of the most popular stages. We can get you there and back with our transport – just choose that option on registration. Brought your own transport or still have some legs? While you’re here, check out town a bit!

Stage 3/1: Tussey Ridge
Saturday, May 26 – 36 miles

The Queen stage kicks off the Memorial Day Weekend, and is the first stage for the 3-day racers. We’re keeping all those great East Coast Rocks on John Wert for you and the fun drop of Hessick Trail is back too. No need for the big climb in the middle though and you’ll get all that great singletrack packed together after a nice rollout from Kearns Campground. Rocky singletrack lovers will eat up the scenic Tussey Ridge Trail, although they may not have time to look around at the spectacular view while mindfully picking their lines.

Tussey isn’t an easy ride, but this incredible trail is a gem and is as good at it gets in mountain biking.


Stage 4/2: Bald Eagle State Forest
Sunday, May 27 – 25 miles

Course highlights include portions of a motorcycle enduro-cross course and the network of trails within the boundaries of Singletrack Summer Camp, as well as some of the hidden gems of the forest. Noted for its mix of features, the route offers a taste of everything that makes Pennsylvania mountain biking so special.

Stage 5/3: Coopers Gap
Monday, May 28 – 33 miles

Meet our Alpe D’Huez and an incredible end to the event. Ahead of you lies the great trails Coopers Gap offers up and maybe a few new ones too. The stage is marked by up to four enduro segments of tight, technical Pennsylvania singletrack. Then we keep it interesting all the way to the finish as the finale of TSepic is the climb back to camp on Stillhouse Hollow.

If you’re racing, this stage is going to keep it interesting right to the finish and you better have a little something in the tank for Stillhouse. If you’re here for Singletrack Summer Camp, enjoy all those miles of great trails, take a little extra time to hang with the Davidsons and the rest of our crew at the aid station, and know we’ll have a party waiting for you when you cross the line today.


“Stage 8” (It will always be stage 8!)
Will be as good as ever!

Stages 9, 10, 11…if you’ve been here, you know it just keeps going all night long after the riding is done.

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