Here are directions to the race location and camping.

Compared to many other mountain bike destinations, Central PA is exceptionally convenient with regard to proximity to airports, bus stations, highways, and east coast cities.

Race venue location on Google Maps

Airport Info

State College Airport (20 minute drive from venue)
Harrisburg Airport (1:30 drive from venue)
Pittsburg Airport (3 hour drive from venue)
Washington, D.C. Airports: Dulles, BWI, Reagan (3-3:30 drive from venue)
Philadelphia Airport (3:45 drive from venue)
New York City Airports: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark (~4:45 drive from venue)

Pennsylvania Greyhound Bus Stations.

Map of Scout Camp


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with travel questions!


How to Get Your Bike Here

We have arranged for a deal on shipping your bike and gear here through our partner, Click here to see your rate.

You can also purchase travel insurance for the trip through by clicking here.


Amenities available at our base camp

At least one bike wash station will be available onsite. We’ll supplement this as needed based on trail conditions.

Bicycle service will be available onsite from Freeze Thaw Cycles. For normal shop repair rates, most repairs will be possible without leaving the race venue. Cash is preferred. Even with FTC’s excellent support, it is critical that your bicycle be in perfect working condition prior to the event!

WiFi internet connectivity is available at the office, a central location within the camp. There is a covered porch area with several picnic tables and outlets where folks can access the internet. In the event that, for some reason, you are not able to utilize the WIFI access we provide, your cell reception from most carriers is good onsite – a mobile hotspot would likely work. Also, there are numerous free WIFI coffee shops and such in State College.

Cell service is good at the Scout Camp. Major carriers’ signals are good here since the camp sits atop a mountain.

There are no laundry facilities onsite, but we are offering laundry service which provides pickup and drop-off at the camp. You can sign up for this when you register for the race. It is easy to do your own laundry by hand – there are many places to wash and hang clothing. Also, there are laundry facilities available in State College, about 20-30 minutes drive. Here is a link to a list of State College laundry facilities. Here is a link to the route you would travel to reach downtown Stage College.

There is a small general store onsite at the camp. This store carries snacks and an assortment of basic camp supplies. It has limited hours – usually open in the afternoons and early evenings.

There is a swimming pool at the camp.

There is lots of great fishing to be done onsite.

There are canoes available for our enjoyment.

There are several large pavilions onsite. If you prefer to cook and dine on your own, you are welcome to use these.

Available in nearby State College

Twenty minutes from the race venue, you’ll find just about any major hotel and restaurant chain, laundry facilities, and all the other opportunities you’d expect to see in a small city.


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