What Is The Epic Team Category?

It’s a fair question. Something so easy and fun to do shouldn’t be so hard to explain. Maybe because there are so many ways your team could work it takes some time to digest. First let’s go through the basics…

  • Teams can be as few as 2 people, as many as 7, or any number in between.
  • Only 1 team member needs to race each day, though as many of you can go out as you like.
  • Team members do not need to ride together during the stage. Go at your own pace. Or ride together and have even more fun that way.
  • People can race 1 stage, 2 stages, even all 5 stages. If you don’t get the whole week off of work you can go home for a few days and then come back for the finish. Or you can just chill out all week at camp (though what fun would that be?).
  • If for some reason your team gets a “Did Not Finish” for a stage, your team doesn’t need to go home. You can still ride the rest of the stages. Just won’t be part of the team competition anymore (see below).
  • To keep costs as low as possible, team riders will not receive registration swag (though these items may be available for purchase separately at camp or via our clothing provider).
  • Team riders who do every stage of the TSEpic will receive the same finisher’s prizes that the solo-category finishers get.

Now how the scoring works. ‘Cuz we’re adding some special sauce for 2015…


  • Only the fastest team member’s time will count toward the team’s General Classification result for each stage. Can be the same person every day, different people every day, or some mix.
  • All teams race against each other for the General Classification, no matter the size.
  • The winning team of the General Classification will receive the Epic Team Cup, a trophy that will soon be as infamous as the Stanley Cup … but also brings with it free entry to the 2016 TSEpic.
  • Team racers will only be racing against other team racers for the stage. Wouldn’t be fair to let a racer who could’ve been resting to take stage prizes away from those going out every single day. That said, at the nightly awards we recognize a team racer who has won the stage overall (ex. Payson McElveen in 2014).

Those are the big differences between riding on a team, or as a solo rider. The rest of the TSEpic experience will be the same. You’ll get fully stocked aid stations (including nutrition & hydration, neutral support, food, water, tubes, and repair items), the chance to ride with and hang with some of the best riders in the world, dinner on the final night of the event, some cool finisher prizes, and, of course, a tour of some of the best trails anywhere.


Epic Team entries’ cost is simple: There is a standard per-person fee, no matter the size of your team.This way you can get your team started now, without waiting for everybody to commit at the same time.

  • $325 per person until 3/1
  • $399 per person 3/1-5/1
  • $474 per person 5/1-5/15

Food, lodging, and transport will cost the same as if racing solo (no discount).