$30,000.00+ in Cash, Prizes, Awards, Swag and Gear Await you at the Trans-Sylvania Epic!


Stage winners On a daily basis, stage winners in all solo categories containing five or more participants will receive some TSEpic Love. Leaders of the ENDURO!!!, U-25 and Epic Team categories will be recognized by announcement nightly. Prizes will be awarded to the top 1/5th of the category or three deep, whichever is less, in each of these categories:

  • Solo Open Men
  • Solo Open Women
  • Solo Masters Men 40+
  • Solo Masters Men 50+
  • Singlespeed Open
  • Cydesdale

General Classification (GC)

General classification will be based on cumulative time for the entire event. GC Leaders in all solo categories (meeting the 5 minimum threshold) and in the Men’s and Women’s ENDURO!!! and U-25 categories will be recognized each evening.

Timing information and Event Rules can be found at this link.

Cash Prizes to Open Men, Open Women

Top five General Classification places in the Open Men’s and Women’s categories will receive cash prizes, of a minimum of $750, $500, $350, $300, $250 for 1st through 5th.

The race promoters reserve the right to change the distribution of cash payout and size of the cash purse based on field and category size. All GC winners in all categories will receive special awards and EV-ER-EEEE-WON! will get a shot at some of the great prizes up for grabs from our partners like Stan’s NoTubes, Julbo, Freeze Thaw Cycles, EVOC, SRAM, LUPINE and more!!!

Throughout the week in the stages those of you awesome enough to get on the podiums will get some love. Those of you cool enough to put up with those of you getting on the podium every day might also get some love. Wheelie competition? You’ll find love there. Bunny-hop your way to some love. Maybe Hawaiian Shirt your way into some love at the Pool Party. Maybe you’ll encounter Feats of Strength and get some lovin’ there. Super crazy hard day on the trails might even get some love.

At the end of Singletrack Summer Camp we’ll be awarding great stuff to all sorts of people!

ENDURO!!! Awards

Every category in 2018 offers a chance at taking home a title of category champion at week’s end.

Men’s and Women’s ENDURO!!! GC winners will receive a minimum of $350 each.

All other ENDURO!!! category champions will receive champions prizes.

U25 Awards:

Free TSEpic solo entry to winners of u25 Men’s and Women’s GC competitions for following year’s event.

EPIC Team Award:

Free Epic Team entry to winning Epic Team for following year’s event.


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