Transportation Service:

For the two remote stages (Galbraith Gap and RB Winter), we offer a shuttle service for those who cannot or prefer not to drive themselves. On both of these stages, those who’ve purchased Transport Service will ride on a shuttle bus and we will transport your bike for a total cost of $50. Take advantage of the service if you want to minimize stress and responsibility during the week. As one of our racers remarked: “why would I want to drive when I can sleep on the bus?”

For riders who just don’t want to relax and let us do the driving, we’ll be providing directions in the race guide to get to these stages.

Optional Laundry Service:

Those who opt for this service can drop their laundry off each evening by 7:00 PM at the dining hall. Their laundry bag will be available for pickup the next morning at breakfast by 8:00 AM. Seems like a no-brainer for $40! Clean clothes and zero effort, bring your dirty stuff to awards each night and get it back in the morning. Laundry service will begin on Sunday evening (5/24) and conclude with a morning drop off Sunday (5/31).

Only 50 spots available!

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