TSEpic Does Vegas, Part II.

By October 4, 2012Blog, Photo/Video/Media

Inside Interbike, it was important to fight the overwhelming feeling of “HOLY-CRAP-EVERYTHING-I’VE-EVER-WANTED-IS-HERE” and instead meet-and-greet with the exhibitors. We saw a lot of great stuff from the TSE sponsors (Helmet Deodorizor from ProGold and urban-cowboy-good-looks from Club Ride, anyone?) and made connections for some great new companies who want to be seen at TSEpic. And heck, Stan’s NoTubes had one of the photos from last year’s race printed up HUGE – just grab their catalog to see it on their cover. My man Justine Lindine was also looking good over at the Redline booth as an 8’x10′ display, and just take a look at some of the photos down below.


A throwback paint scheme on a legendary-named 29er? Sure – I’d ride that.


GIGANTIC photo from last year’s TSEpic at the Stan’s NoTubes booth (and catalog cover!)? Sure – I’d roll those.


A set of log-rollers at the Surly booth for their Moon Lander? Sure – I’d train on that.


New looks from Club Ride Apparel, bringing cowboy good looks into the metro scene? Sure – I’d rock the plaid.


Fluffy pink bicycles, unicorn-pelt covered chairs, and snow-shovels of glitter? Sure – I’ll take a picture.


A  new product from ProGold, helmet deordorizer and cleaner? Sure – I know people who need that.


Coach Kuhn and Jonsey had a hankering for karaoke (or at least, watching the Vegas local talent), so we spent most nights at the casino right around the corner from our hotel. One Elvis impersonator sighting, a great Better Than Ezra rendition, and several rounds later, I think the worst that happened was snatching a cupcake from a 17-year-old’s birthday party table. And yes, it was delicious.

Uh-oh, here comes the Karaoke Liquid Courage.

Better Than Ezra. And better than most who went up there.


Well, at least I wasn’t a total loser. It only took $13 to be a winner, so I stopped when I was ahead. I think.

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