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We’re rollin’ out some new stuff on the OEO blog this year. Bangin’ Trashcan Lids is nothing more than Kuhndog chitter-chatter’n about something or other. It may be race stuff. It may not. I will likely be long winded with poor grammar and run-ons. This week it’s about some of the new bits and pieces for the 2016 TSEpic.  The theme for TSEpic 2016 might be “More fun for more people.” Kuhndog yammers on below about it.

Selene Yeager (Rare Disease Cycling) and Vicki Barclay (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) wait for stage 2 of the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic to begin.

TSEpic is a whole new animal in 2016. 5 stages. Welcome gathering the night before. Race ending party starting on the final finish line. Take out the old TT and our average stage distance drops a little from previous years. We’re packing all the great trails and features into this tighter, more manageable package. The word is out, this week is challenging, but you won’t find a more fun week of mountain biking anywhere. TSEpic is incredible trails. Other places have great trails too. Nowhere else has Singletrack Summer Camp. That’s what makes TSEpic special. You should be part of it and we want you here! That’s what has led to the aforementioned changes and a cruise around the race info pages should give you a great idea of what we have in store. Some of the details aren’t there yet, but we’ll be filling in any holes in the next four-six weeks.

The changes we’re making are in response to feedback that 7 days of racing bookended with travel is a bit too much for most people no matter how much fun the week holds.  We know too that our loveable #EastCoastRocks are a different experience than many other places — an experience you should have, they’ll make you better — so we’ve kept the great trails and courses but tweaked the routes to wrap all the best stuff together in a shorter stage and “week” format.

I love what we’ve come up with and I hope it does bring more people out to give this a try [obviously, duh. Ed.]. We’re well ahead of registration from previous years and it seems some of that is due to the not-so-well-kept secret of the shortened format. This is going to make it more fun and manageable for more people.

At the same time, and I realize you may not know it cause I sure as hell don’t look it, but I love racing and was way into it at one time. I had a Tune power doohickey and everything. And I wasn’t just mtb’n, but I was all about road stage racing too. Why is that important? From day 1 we’ve worked to keep the racing at TSEpic interesting and attempt to mimic road stage events in that they offer opportunities for riders with different strengths to excel. We’ve done pretty well – I don’t know that there is any other mtb stage event that includes the variety of stages and awards the range of riders that does the TSEpic.

Not only am I excited that we’ve been able to tweak this to make it more open while keeping all the best parts, but I think the racing gets better too!

Stage 1 is super fast to the Coburn tunnel and back. It’ll be tight. Stage 2 is Tussey but not quite what it has sometimes been with a little shorter fun on offer. Stage 3, that rider-luvin’ enduro, and better with a new start location. We won’t see big differences here, but with only two days before it and two days after it’ll be more important than ever. RB Winter has become a crowd favorite and just rides so well. Some options here could add a bit of distance but will keep the speed of this quick riding stage high and racing close. And we’re adding a new look to the final day with a remote start, shorter trip through Coopers and then our own little Alpe d’Huez as the final ascent to the finish line. The whole race could come down to the last climb of the last day into the finish line at Camp TSEpic. Some of the categories will definitely come down to that final climb and the short run through camp. That’s good racing!!

Riders from Panama join the competition in Central Pennsylvania for the TSEpic

Colt Training Systems riders have some fun for the day by all donning Team USA kits for the enduro stage at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race.

Then the party starts! And with both Team Panama and Team Colt on the way that last night is going to be one heck of a good time.

Lisa Le Poole and Kristin Walters enjoy the relatively flat roads of Coburn, PA between steep climbs.

What else? New and relaunched categories offer up great ways to do this thing. Duo is back and is a little different this time – you get a deal for teaming up and bringing a buddy. But, we’re not doing daily awards and GC will be across categories. Unless Duo takes off at TSEpic and you all want in. I’m happy to do ’em all up separately.

We’re adding Fatbike and Clydesdale in solo and offering those up as duo options too. Singlespeed gets a duo possibility as well. Lots of ways to do this thing. Many good times to be had. Bring a friend and make some unforgettable memories together.


Barry Wicks relaxes before the beginning of Stage 2

I gotta mention the Epic Experience too because it is often missed in all the possibilities. If you’re focused on fun and the racing part seems a little intimidating, but you want to do it all, do this.  On a daily basis we give you an extra 60-90 min or take a chunk out of the course in the Epic Experience option so you get through every stage officially. Take your time and enjoy your day out there on these incredible trails.

Let us take care of everything else.
You just ride your bike.
And smile.

Registration is open now. Book your spot for #SingleTrackSummercamp. I hope you’ll join us this year!

Get dirty,

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