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By September 24, 2011News and Updates

We had a wonderful trip to InterBike, the yearly North American cycling industry expo, and are ecstatic about the positive response our mainstay event, the Trans-Sylvania Epic, and our efforts to use it to make a positive impact on PA trails is generating within the industry.

Of course, we’re still very much a small seed with big plans to toss out all sorts of roots – you gotta start somewhere!  But, to walk into booths and introduce ourselves only to have someone there say, “Oh!  Trans-Sylvania Epic!  I was hoping you guys would be here. We really want to talk to help with everything you’re doing!”  Or, to go into a meeting with a past sponsor who starts the conversation by saying, “Look, we don’t want to have to do this again next year, can we just sign on for two years?” is a great feeling for any event let alone an organization that is as young as this one. 

Every one of these sponsors that comes aboard Trans-Sylvania makes a positive contribution to the work we’re doing the Outdoor Experience Org.  Without their support of the event we would not be able to give back what we do to PA trails.  With their continued and expanding support we’ll be able to do more and more every year. 

Not only are these guys supporting a great event, but in doing so are making a contribution to making your PA trails better.  Please help us in thanking them by sending an email, visiting their websites, considering this when making your next purchase or something as simple as hitting them up on facebook.

We are really excited for what 2012 is going to bring both for the event and for the expanding impact the OEO can and will make with this sort of support.

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