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After a little TSegosurfing on the we put together this little ditty of links to blogs and vids and straight up real media because we’re sure that every one of you wants to read every one of these.

Ladies first!


Women’s Champ Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) went home with the Pactimo Leaders Jersey after a fun week of racing and chillin’


Sue Haywood (Turner/I9/Kenda) is sure you can do this and that you’ll love it!

Tanya Hanham’s vegan assault from the great white north

 Fit Chick Selene (Team CF) is back and brought out some new socks

Sonya Looney (Ergon) posted a lot of wrappin up on her blog with plans to come armed with sharper stakes next time and pulled double duty blogging with some guest writing for Blue Ridge Outdoors twice (and has a story coming out in Mtn Flyer Mag too).

Specialized’s Rebecca Rusch may have been thwarted by PA conditions but will be back again and beat this thing yet!

Local sweetheart and recent Wilderness 101 champ Vicki Barclay (FreezeThawCycles/NoTubes) hit the ground hard on day 1 but learned just how tough she can be.
Dirt Rag was cool enough to hook her up with a bit of love as can be seen here and here and over here.


Guys up next time – Dicky races and then wonders why and Wissel finds a silver lining in everything…again.

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